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In today's world of cut throat competition, getting into the right college is tough. Even tougher, is getting into the degree program of your choice. Once you are clear of the right college with the right degree program, it becomes even harder to solve the query of "job", where every year we find lakhs of graduates who have just college degrees and struggle to find jobs.

Here we at IK, step in to transform you into a valued professional capable of managing the complex requirements of the IT Industry today along with the assurance of a great career.

Most reputed IT companies expect their new employees to be equipped with practical IT knowledge and training. Therefore, KIPL has taken this initiative to introduce the i-Knowledge Center that inculcates Professional IT Training Programs. Through our training, students who wish to secure a bright career in the IT industry can capture the right practical knowledge, hone their skills on numerous technologies, leverage these technologies to go beyond ordinary skills, become eligible to join any IT organization across the globe and most importantly garner experienced through our training.

The name 'i-Knowledge' truly portrays our aim of imparting the right knowledge at the right time to the right candidates. To be clearer, i-Knowledge denotes i- as a symbol for Information Technology experts and the knowledge that is gained and spread through them.

The concept of the i-knowledge Center emerged when Konstant Infosolutions realized that fresh IT graduates and other graduates needed something more than just academic degrees to excel in the professional IT world. The principles of our i-Knowledge Center are based on practical knowledge, experience, dedication and commitment so that no individual’s talent remains undiscovered!

We believe in walking the walk not talking the talk!