Importance of Industrial Training & Internships


A friend of your’s happens to mention Bill Gates. What’s the foremost thought in your mind? Microsoft? Richest man in the world? That guy who gave us Windows? Quite possibly you think of all of these terms in relation to good old Bill. Do you ever associate the word intern with Mr. Gates? Hard to imagine isn’t it? Believe it or not, Bill Gates started off as an intern at in the U.S House of Representatives.

So was Apple mastermind Steve Jobs. Jobs was in charge of setting in screws at the HP (Hewlett-Packard) assembly line, at the very young age of 12. As a matter of fact, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying he “learned a lot” during his stay at HP. That is how important post-college industrial training can be.

In today’s world, the uppermost question on an interviewers lips is going to be, “How experienced are you?”. And this is precisely the question most fresh-out-of-college students dread to face. Not to worry though, wipe the sweat off your forehead and continue reading; there is a solution. And that solution is, industrial training or an internship if you will. Undergoing industrial training right out of college is quite possibly one of the best ways to kick-start a bright career filled with endless possibilities. And if you are still dubious, or just plain lazy about signing up for courses in industrial training, here are a few key benefits to signing up for an internship.

Theoretical Education vs Practical Education

This one is an obvious no-brainer. All those years of attending college lectures (mixed with a healthy dose of skipping those lectures, no doubt) has given you plenty of theoretical knowledge in your field of choice. However, what good is sound theoretical knowledge without practical experience to back it up? That, is what industrial training is all about. Providing a practical outlet for your store of theoretical know-how.

Positive Impact on Prospective Job Opportunities

As you and me are both aware, any interviewer going through your resume is going to be just as interested in your previous job experience, as he is to be in your academic achievements. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, this is a fact you are going to have to accept. Practical experience has surpassed academic achievements as a decisive factor, and an interviewers is likely to give more preference to someone with practical knowledge than someone with a fancy academic background.

First-Hand knowledge of Current Developments

This is one of the biggest benefits to enrolling for industrial training. An internship will put you in touch with people who are experts in their fields and have up-to-date knowledge of the current developments. This allows you to stay abreast of the current developments, thereby increasing not only your knowledge, but also ensuring you can confidently get up to answer any practical knowledge testing questions put to you by an interviewer.

Professional Growth and Development of Skills

During your tenure at any company as an intern, you will get a first-hand look at how people work in their respective fields. This puts you in a prime position to not only study them, but also learn to develop your own teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Placement and Possibility of In-House Hiring

Most companies providing internships or industrial training have placement programs that will put you in touch with the right people at the end of your training, in order to enter and further your career. Additionally, if your progress and learning skills have been gauged to be at an acceptable level, you may even be picked for an in-house position within the company itself, which often provides several benefits of its own.

So, that’s a list of the benefits provided by industrial training and internships. Always keep in mind, even the most brilliant and successful people of today’s world were interns and freshers once. It’s quite possible that what they are today, was put into action when they enrolled for industrial training at a company within their field of choice.

By: Vipin Jain

Join iPhone / Android App Development Training for Futuristic Trend.

Androids and iPhones are now a part of our lives, let’s face that. And there are many benefits we get from them as well; the apps on these babies are high end and high fi to say the least. The need and demand for apps which make life and work simpler on a daily basis is what everyone is looking for.

Both the iPhone and the Android have made their presence in the worldwide market been felt large and wide. Thanks to the advancement of technology, one now would have the best with them at all times. Programs and apps for these smart devices are being developed almost everyday, and the competition to acquire the lions share of the market are being seen, fierce ones that too.

Even the app stores at times cannot keep up with the demands, and that’s why they hire iPhone and the Android app designers and developers, freelance and on payroll too. This is a win-win situation, both for the company and the designers as well, since both gain recognition and moolah at the same time, selling their products and services to the common man out there.

The individuals studying under iPhone and the Android training would be well certified and well advanced knowledge wise to ensure that every single app they make, is of the highest performance and would be innovative to the core. Everything would be taught to you as a student undergoing training, right from CMS managements, to live testing. Marketing and maintenance too would be a part of the program you will learn about.

An effective study would also enable you to understand the need of the customers out there. What is it that clients want? Travel apps, games apps, and social marketing and media apps? You would be taught to be intuitive and skilled at the same time, so that you don’t lose out on the race to make it big.

If you have noticed, those who have undergone iPhone and the Android training are men and women who brought about a revolution through current mail, GPS and speech apps too. Innovation is the name of the game and if you want to be a big player overall, please ensure to find the right source to learn more.

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How To Choose The Best IT Training Institute For A Bright Future

There are many IT Training Institutes out there, online and otherwise which one can enroll in, but how would we know which one to join and how effective they would be? Today we would like to show you seven simple points to understand how to choose the best IT Training Institute so please read on and be well informed for the same.

1. Faculty should be good

When you sit for a talk with the IT Training Institute, ensure to check the credentials of the faculty teaching there. Check for the experience, the number of years with the organization and the market standing they have. Also notice if this is a full time job they have or a part time one.

2. The training material should be good

This is something which would make the organization stand apart from the rest. If the IT Training Institute has effective training software and ensures to keep its faculty and students up to date with the latest around, placements for your needs wouldn’t be a problem.

3. Do they allow you to practice or not

Let’s just say you chose to work and study on subjects such as Data stage, Oracle, SAP or even cognos for that matter, how well equipped are the labs of the IT Training Institute? Do they allow you ample amount of practice time or not? Would they give you a copy of the tutorials to practice back home or not?

4. Their specialty would be

Every institute would have some specialty, what does this IT Training Institute have which is so different from the rest?

5. What is the value added facilities that they would give?

They should have excellent infrastructure and the best IT lab with ample number of machines to work on. Check the number of coaches they have employed to help guide students, how many hours they dedicate for business and student teacher ratio as well, per class.

6. Is the organization located where one can reach easily?

This is also an important factor, students and placement companies shouldn’t find it tough to reach or find the place.

7. The costs

What are the tuition fees for the course you plan to study from this particular IT Training Institute? Do they offer scholarships or is it self-funded?

We hope all of these points make sense to you when selecting to study at the best of all IT Training Institutes in the country!!

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